Saddleback Mini Aussies

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     Past Puppies By Saddleback 

Ledoux and Skye Pup!

Ledoux and Skye Pup!


  Skye and Ledoux Pup!


 "Kimo" Owned By Chris            "Maggie" Owned by Anna         "Barrett" Owned by Donna 


"Jake and Angela Pup!

Jake and Crickett Pup!Blaze and Quinn Pup!

"Jakers" Owned by Kelly             "Blue" Owned by Skye                "Fergie" Owned by Beth


"Jack" Owned by Brooklynn          "Max" Owned by Massengales         "Lily" Owned by Barb


"Linus" Owned by Robin          "Reno" Owned by Cherie           "Rocky" Owned by Kelly


"Rusty" Owned by Paul


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